Discordant Growth In Pregnancy


How to identify and manage discordant growth in pregnancy


What is discordant growth in pregnancy and why is it important for us to know

Identifying discordant growth in pregnancy is an important part of prenatal care. Discordant growth occurs when the size of the fetus does not match the gestational age. This can be detected through prenatal screening tests and ultrasounds for monitoring fetal growth. It is important to identify discordant growth in order to ensure that the fetus is healthy and developing normally. There are the prominent implications of discordant growth on a baby's long-term health. and development. Prenatal screening tests are important for identifying discordant growth early in pregnancy. These tests include an ultrasound and maternal age estimation test, which can help doctors determine the gestational age of a fetus by measuring its estimated weight at birth. Screening tests can be performed during a routine prenatal care check-up or at an earlier point in the pregnancy, such as when considering an induced abortion. It is important to note that these screenings may not detect all cases of discordant growth but they are still essential in detecting it early on when the health consequences are less severe and treatment is possible.

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