Foetal Chromosomal Genetic Abnormalities


Understanding Foetal Chromosomal and Genetic Abnormalities


What are Chromosomal Abnormalities & Why is it Important to Know About Them?

Genetic and chromosomal abnormalities in a foetus can be detected through various tests. These include foetal chromosome tests, genetic testing during pregnancy, and ultrasound scans. Foetal chromosome tests are used to detect the number of chromosomes in the foetus and identify any abnormalities. Genetic testing during pregnancy can help to detect any genetic disorders that may be present in the foetus. Lastly, ultrasound scans are used to check for physical abnormalities such as heart defects or cleft lip/palate.

All these methods can help to detect genetic and chromosomal abnormalities in a foetus so that appropriate medical care can be provided if needed. .This scan would be used to determine if the baby has a cleft lip or palette. In this scan, the ultrasound machine emits sound waves that bounce off of internal tissues, giving a picture of what is inside the womb. The sound waves are then interpreted by an ultrasound technician and give doctors an idea of what may need to be done.

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