Pre-conception Care


Pre-Conception Care

  • Our skilled healthcare providers thoroughly assess both partners' reproductive health through detailed medical history reviews, physical examinations, and relevant tests.
  • We evaluate factors such as hormonal balance, genetic disorders, sexually transmitted infections, and overall reproductive well-being to identify potential concerns or risks that may affect fertility or pregnancy outcomes.
  • Lifestyle factors (including smoking, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and exposure to certain toxins).
  • Age (being over 35 or under 17 when pregnant).
  • We have a professional and qualified team of pediatric, and neonatologist doctors who are here to take your care thoroughly.
  • Our pre-pregnancy counseling sessions offer valuable insights into the reproductive process, including understanding menstrual cycles, ovulation tracking, and identifying the most fertile days of the month.
  • We empower you with knowledge about timed intercourse and fertility treatments, if required, to enhance your chances of conception.
  • Our dedicated healthcare professionals specialize in identifying and addressing underlying health conditions that can impact fertility or pose risks during pregnancy.
  • We provide personalized guidance to manage conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorders, or mental health conditions before conception, reducing potential risks and ensuring a healthier pregnancy.
  • Our expert counselors offer advice on lifestyle modifications to enhance fertility and promote overall well-being.
  • We guide you on maintaining a healthy weight, following a balanced diet, engaging in regular exercise, managing stress levels, and avoiding harmful habits like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, or drug use to create a conducive environment for conception and healthy pregnancy.
  • Our healthcare professionals conduct a comprehensive evaluation of medications and supplements you may be taking, ensuring their safety and effectiveness during the preconception period and throughout pregnancy.
  • We identify potentially harmful substances and provide alternatives or adjustments to ensure optimal treatment and minimize potential risks.
  • At Nimai's Borneo Mother and Child Hospitals, we offer genetic counseling and testing for individuals or couples with a family history of genetic disorders.
  • Our experts assess the risk of passing on inheritable conditions to the offspring, enabling you to make informed decisions about family planning and explore options like preimplantation genetic diagnosis or prenatal testing.
  • We understand the emotional aspect of family planning and parenthood. Our pre-pregnancy counseling provides a safe space for you to express concerns, fears, or anxieties related to conception and becoming a parent.
  • Our compassionate counselors offer emotional support, address psychological well-being, and provide coping strategies to navigate the emotional journey toward parenthood confidently.

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