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Stages of Normal Delivery

  • Early labor : During this stage, contractions begin, and the cervix starts to open. It's important to note that the baby's clothes should be adjusted properly for safety. If it's cold outside, put your baby in the car seat first, buckle them in, and then cover them with blankets. It is usually safe for the mother to stay at home during early labor, but the doctor should be informed.
  • Active labor : In this phase, the mother transitions to the active stage as contractions become stronger and more frequent, occurring every 3-4 minutes and lasting about a minute each. The cervix dilates up to 7 cm during this stage. It is necessary for the mother to go to the hospital for delivery. The amniotic sac may also rupture during this stage, commonly known as the water breaking. The contractions continue to intensify as labor progresses through this stage.
  • Transition Phase: This is the most intense and painful phase as the cervix fully dilates to approximately 10 cm. Painful and strong contractions occur every 2-3 minutes, lasting for 60-90 seconds each.
  • These stages mark the progression of labor, and understanding them can help the mother and the expert gynec at Nimai's Borneo Mother and Child Hospitals track the process and make informed decisions during childbirth.

  • Avoids risks associated with instruments used for a c-section delivery.
  • Lower risk of infection for mother and child.
  • Quicker recovery for the mother and shorter hospital stay (24-48 hours as compared to 3 days to a week post cesarean).
  • The natural bacteria and microbes of the vagina transferred from mother to child boost the baby’s immune system, readying it for life outside the protected womb.
  • In this type of delivery, the risk for respiratory problems are lower. It is so because the labor contractions help prepare the baby’s lungs for breathing.
  • Normal delivery stimulates lactation because the birthing process activates numerous natural mothering hormones.

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